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  • Thatchers Green Goblin Cider

    English cider maker Thatchers is re-launching its Green Goblin Cider to the U.S. market in a new 330-ml bottle, in partnership with Innis & Gunn USA, Inc., seven months after Thatchers entrusted the craft... Read More »

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  • Spotlight Q&A: Thatchers Cider

    The family apple tree is branching out across the pond. Martin Thatcher has overseen the continued success of Thatchers in England as a fourth-generation cider maker (the company was... Read More »
  • Strongbow Red Berries, Ginger

    Strongbow Hard Apple Ciders has unveiled two new flavors, Strongbow Red Berries and Strongbow Ginger, as part of a new variety pack launch. The pack, which also features Strongbow Gold... Read More »
  • Angry Orchard Green Apple

    Angry Orchard Cider Company has announced Angry Orchard Green Apple. This variety is inspired by the tartness and brightness of a fresh Washington State green apple, and is now available in 16oz cans... Read More »
  • Pure Cider Rosé

    Niche Import Co. welcomes a new addition to its growing cider portfolio:  Possmann Pure Cider Rosé. Apples ripened all Summer long, picked and pressed immediately then fermented into a cider... Read More »
  • Cider Scramble

    How’s the state of the hard cider market these days? Well, as a cider maker might say, it’s mostly sweet and a little bit sour. There’s a lot of... Read More »
  • Smith & Forge Hard Cider

    MillerCoors debuted a new hard cider, called Smith & Forge. Made from apples, the new brand is 6% alcohol by volume, and features a crisp finish following a taste... Read More »
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