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  • Narragansett Beer Innsmouth Olde Ale

    Narragansett Beer has announced the release of Innsmouth Olde Ale, the second installment in the Lovecraft Series of limited-edition beers that celebrate legendary horror author and lifelong Providence resident, H.P. Lovecraft. Innsmouth Olde Ale is an... Read More »

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  • Memorial Day Homefront IPA

    For the second straight year, CROWN Beverage Packaging North America will support U.S. military armed services, veterans, and their families with the sale of Homefront IPA. The company will be a national sponsor... Read More »
  • Gordon Biersch Zwickel Pils

    Gordon Biersch Brewing Co announced the availability of Zwickel Pils, the latest in the company’s series of limited-release “Uberbier” bottlings. Zwickel Pils is a bottom fermented pilsner brewed using the... Read More »
  • Narragansett Del’s Shandy, Summer Ale

    Narragansett Beer is releasing seasonals early with their Summer Ale and the Rhode Island mash up, Narragansett Del’s Shandy. Narragansett’s Summer Ale is Beer Advocate’s highest-rated summer ale in New England. The light... Read More »
  • Hometown Brews

    The local nature of craft beer has always been one of its most appealing features. Indeed, in the earliest days of the American craft beer movement, all craft beer... Read More »
  • Anchor Saison Spring Ale

    Anchor Brewing announces the national release of Anchor Saison Spring Ale, a Belgian-style ale with a California twist. First released in California only in March of 2014, this seasonal brew... Read More »
  • Flavorful Brews

    Flavored beers are poised to become more than unorthodox alternatives to traditional brews. The American beer palate has evolved considerably in recent years. Craft and specialty brewing have gained... Read More »

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