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  • Tasting Santera Small-Batch Tequilas

    Premium tequila is increasingly popular among American drinkers. Mexican distilleries cannot produce the agave spirit fast enough to meet consumer demand. This has led some tequila-makers to harvest the heart (or piña) of their... Read More »

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  • Beer, Wine and Baseball

    Last weekend, I was in Cooperstown, NY with my wife for the Baseball Hall of Fame weekend. Instead of fighting the crowds (and the heat) to watch the induction... Read More »
  • Piquing Interest In Pisco

    Pisco is among foreign spirits gaining from America’s craft-cocktail movement. A white Peruvian spirit distilled from wine, it’s similar in some aspects to grappa or brandy. To learn more,... Read More »
  • Harmony in Japanese Whisky

    Blended whiskey is a balance act of dissimilar spirits. This is particularly true of Japanese whisky. Distilleries in this category often produce a wide variety of whiskeys that are mixed together... Read More »
  • Shining a Light on Viniq

    Talk about a beverage tailored towards social media. Viniq Shimmery Liqueur holds true to its name and shimmers when moved. Give the bottle or glass a shake and gleaming white... Read More »
  • A Symbol of Caribbean Rum

    Caribbean rums traveled to Manhattan last Wednesday for a media tasting event at cocktail bar Dear Irving. We sampled spirits from a diverse selection of brands and countries, unified by an... Read More »

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