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  • Schlafly Octoberfest, Imperial Oktoberfest

    Schlafly Beer has unveiled two Oktoberfest beers for 2017. Both stay true to their 16th-century German roots, the company says. Schlafly Oktoberfest (5.5% ABV and 25 IBUs): Brewed with Munich malt and German hops,... Read More »

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  • Speyburn 15 Years Old

    The single malt Scotch brand Speyburn has added a new limited-release whisky to its portfolio: Speyburn 15 Years Old. Made in Speyside, the 15 Years Old is created using water... Read More »
  • George Remus Repeal Reserve Bourbon

    MGP Ingredients has announced the release of their first reserve bourbon: George Remus Repeal Reserve. Named after the “King of the Bootleggers,” George Remus Repeal Reserve will debut on November... Read More »
  • Crystal Head Aurora Vodka

    Crystal Head Vodka, known for its skull bottle, has introduced a new expression of vodka: Aurora. With an iridescent finish, the Aurora bottle was designed to reflect ‘the Northern Lights.’... Read More »
  • Narragansett Fest Märzen Lager

    Narragansett Beer today announced the return of Fest, a traditional Märzen Lager, in time for the start of Oktoberfest. After a three-year hiatus, Narragansett is resurrecting the beer due... Read More »
  • D’Usse VSOP Cognac Flask

    D’Usse has launched a 200-ml. “flask” version of its VSOP cognac. The little glass bottle contains blended cognac that has aged for a minimum of four-and-a-half years in French... Read More »
  • Rock and Rye 100-Proof 6-Year Whiskey

    The Cooper Spirits Co. has announced a 6-year-old, 100-proof Hochstadter’s Slow & Low Rock and Rye, a higher proof limited-edition of its standard bottling. This has a drier taste... Read More »
  • Cambria Estate-Inspired Wine Series

    Cambria Winery — led by Katie Jackson and Julia Jackson of the Jackson Family — has unveiled their Estate-Inspired Wine Series that includes Fog Tide Chardonnay, West Point Chardonnay,... Read More »
  • Rémy Martin Carte Blanche Merpins

    Rémy Martin has created a brand new blend that will be released this fall called Carte Blanche Merpins. The limited edition blend by cellar master Baptiste Loiseau has aromas... Read More »