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  • 9 Trends Driving Wine Sales in 2016

    This year in wine will be determined by a number of emerging and established trends. Most notably, perhaps, is the rise of Millennials (especially women) as a major demographic... Read More »
  • Small Country, Big Wine

    Portugal is the relative size of Maine. Nevertheless, the country contains the ninth largest total vineyard area in the world. It also ranks eleventh globally in wine production, and... Read More »
  • Where the Wildlings Are

    Australian wine has had a bumpy last decade in America. But with new entries like Wildling, there appears a rosier future. After U.S. sales of Australian wine ballooned in the... Read More »
  • A Study in Soave

    Twelve miles east of Verona sits one of Italy’s most historically celebrated white wine regions. In 1931, Soave joined Chianti as the country’s first two areas recognized as delimited wine-producing regions. Today, Soave... Read More »
  • Vias Imports Acinum Italian Wines

    Vias Imports, Ltd., an importer of Italian wine in the U.S. market, announces the debut of the Acinum line of wine. This new brand is the first-ever proprietary wine within... Read More »
  • Shaw-Ross Expands with a Premium Wine Division

    Shaw-Ross International Importers today announced the formation of a premium wine division. The recently formed entity, The Lineage Collection, features some of the finest wines from the world’s top producers,... Read More »

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