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THE ANNUAL Beverage Dynamics

The Beverage Dynamics Advertising & Promotion Awards competition is designed to recognize and honor excellence and creativity in advertising, promotion, merchandising and packaging for the beverage industry. Also included are materials designed for restaurant and bar merchandising and promotion. Entries are judged for creativity, effectiveness as a sales communication tool and production quality. All winning entries will be featured and credited in Beverage Dynamics magazine. Please note the general rules and specific preparation instructions for each category.


What Is Eligible

  • Any original material appropriate to the categories defined below, introduced to the market between April 2004 and May 2005.

How to Enter

  • Prepare entries as specified under each category heading. Photocopies of entry form
    are permitted. Fill out entry form for each entry, submit in duplicate (one copy attached
    to the back of the actual entry; the second attached to the entry fee check). If more
    than five entries are being submitted, please provide a manifest list to ensure that all
    items are accounted for. All entries become the property of Beverage Dynamics.


  • Entry forms will be used for award certificates and publication of winners in Beverage Dynamics. Entrant is responsible for supplying full and accurate information. Promotion/advertising/graphic agencies submitting materials on behalf of clients are responsible for notifying client of participation in this program.

Entry Fee

  • The entry fee is $175 per entry and is non-refundable. Check must accompany entries. (For multiple entries submit one check, attach all duplicate entry forms.) Make check payable to Adams Beverage Group.

Where to Send Entries

  • All entries must be received at the editorial offices of Beverage Dynamics,
    17 High St., 2nd Floor, Norwalk, CT 06851


  • 5 p.m., Wednesday, July 22, 2005.

Judging and Awards

  • Entries will be judged on the following criteria: creativity, effectiveness as a sales
    communications tool and production values. Winners in each category will receive
    award certificates, and winning entries will appear in Beverage Dynamics.

More Information

  • If you have any questions about the Advertising & Promotion Awards, call Richard Brandes, 212-353-3832.

Categories, Instructions and Definitions

Print Advertising (Categories #1-10)

Submit actual print ads, mounted on black display board with a minimum 1-inch border on all sides. Attach each copy of the entry form to back of the board. For campaign, hinge vertical sides together with black tape (“accordion” style, not “book” style.) Bound supplements (for category #8) may be placed in a plastic sleeve, then the sleeve mounted. All print entries must be accompanied by a high-resolution (300 dpi, at least 2″ X 3″) jpeg image of each entry on CD. Companies submitting more than one entry in categories 1-10 may gang all images on one CD. Please clearly label each image (category, subject) on the CD.

1. Print Ad-Full Page, Consumer

  • Individual, full-page advertisement appearing in any consumer publication. Jack D., print ad

2. Print Ad-Full Page, Trade

  • Individual, full-page advertisement, appearing in any trade publication.

3. Print Ad-Campaign, Consumer

  • Three or more full-page ads for the same product/brand with a related theme, appearing in any consumer publication.

4. Print Campaign-Full Page, Trade

  • Three or more full-page ads for the same product/brand with a related theme, appearing in any trade publication.

5. Print Ad-Small Space

  • Individual, fractional ad (less than a full page), appearing in any publication.

6. Print Ad-Small Space, Campaign

  • Three or more fractional ads for the same product/brand with a related theme.

print ad, trade, 1st place 7. Holiday or Special Ad

  • Advertisement with a specific holiday or special promotional theme, appearing in any publication.

8. Special Supplement or Insert

  • An advertising supplement or insert, appearing in any publication.

9. New Product Ad

  • Individual advertisement launching a new product, appearing in any publication.

10. Corporate Image Ad

  • Advertisement aimed at enhancing/highlighting the overall image of a company, appearing in any publication.

BD11A2007Television/Video (Categories #11-13)

Submit television and video entries on VHS (1/2-inch) video cassettes only. Spot and campaign entries must be on separate cassettes. Label each cassette clearly (brand, title, # of spots in campaign). Provide a CD with clearly labeled jpeg images from spot/video for publication.

11. Individual Television Commercial (any length).

12. TV Campaign

  • Series of three commercials for the same product/brand with a related theme.

13. Special Video

  • Film or video used for promotional, educational and other related purposes.

Radio (Categories #14, #15)

Submit radio entries on standard audiocassette. Campaign and spot entries must be on separate
cassettes. Each cassette must be labeled clearly (brand, title, number of spots in campaign).

14. Radio Spot

  • Individual radio commercial, any length.

15. Radio Campaign

  • Series of three commercials for the same product/brand with a related theme.

print ad campaign 2nd placeOutdoor Transit (Categories #16, #17)

Submit outdoor/transit advertisements on CD. Include clearly labeled jpeg of each entry, DO NOT submit actual pieces.

16. Outdoor or Transit Ad

  • A single billboard, poster, bus shelter or other outdoor/transit ad.

17. Outdoor/Transit Campaign

  • A series of three or more outdoor/transit ads for the same product/brand with a related theme, or a group of ads, designed to be displayed together with a related theme.

Product Packaging (Categories #18-23)

All packaging entries must be submitted on CDs. Please clearly label jpeg of each entry (category,
subject). DO NOT submit actual packages, bottles or labels. For Redesign submit clearly labeled “before” and “after” images.

category 8, special s#5129A18. Best All-Around Packaging

  • Do not include new product packaging (see #19), redesigned label (#20) or value-added packaging (see #21-23). All other products are eligible.

19. New Product Packaging

  • Products introduced after January 2002. Line extensions (new flavors, varietals, etc.) may be entered.

20. Redesigned Label/Packaging

  • Entry must include separate, clearly labeled “before” and “after” versions.

21. Co-packs

  • A single package including two separate food/beverage/snack brands.

22. Gift Carton/Gift Tin

23. Gift Sets/Gift Packs

In-Store Displays (Categories #24-33)

Display entries must be submitted on CDs with jpegs of entries clearly labeled. DO NOT submit actual display pieces. For motion display, include a brief written description of motion.

24. Shelf Talker/Wobbler

25. Bottle Necker/Neck Hanger

26. Banner/Streamer

27. Dangler/Mobile

28. Case Card

  • Shown with or without product display.

29. Take One/Sweepstakes Case Card

30. Motion Display

31. Floor Bin or Rack

32. Electronic Signage/Displays

33. Multi-Case Floor Displays

Collateral Materials (Categories #34-44)

Submit all collateral materials on CDs with jpegs of entries clearly labeled. For Sales Brochures (#35), Recipe Books (#36) Drink Menus (#40) and Table Tents (#41), please also submit a sample of the printed piece; mounting is not necessary. 34. Poster

35. Sales Brochure/Sell Sheet

BD11A240336. Recipe Book

Premium Items

An item intended as a value-added premium to consumer, either given away with purchase or offered for purchase by mail.

37. Branded Wearables

38. Promotional Glassware

39. Other Premium Items (from inflatables to humidors)

On-Premise (Categories #40-44)

These categories focus on suppliers efforts in on-premise establishments.

40. Drink Menus

  • Send 35mm slide plus menu.

BD11A280941. Tabletent

  • Free-standing card for on-premise tabletop display. Submit drink menu in above category. Please send clearly labeled jpeg of entry on CD plus piece itself.

42. On-Premise Signage

  • Includes neon, banners, mirrors, etc. Please send CD with jpeg of entry.

43. Backbar Riser or Glorifier

  • Free-standing bottle display piece (submit only jpeg of entry on CD).

BD11A390844. Tap Handles

  • Send only jpeg of entry on CD.

Direct-Mail Promotions

For Direct Mail entries, submit one sample of the actual mailing and a CD with an image representative of the campaign theme.

45. Single Piece/Multi-Piece

  • Any mailing consisting of one or more elements.

Public Relations (Categories #46-48)

Compile a comprehensive overview of the event/campaign including press releases, press clips, photos, a summary of the objective and any other relevant materials. Please also include at least one jpeg image from entry on CD, representative of the campaign theme, for publication. For Press Kit, please submit one sample and a CD with jpeg of entry.

46. PR Single Event

  • Any one-time public relations, community affair or media event.

BD11A430247. PR Campaign

  • Any two or more events, for the same brand, with the same theme and objective.

48. Press Kit

  • Containing new releases, background information,
    photographs, etc., that was issued to the news media.

New Media (Categories #49-51)
Submit materials for these categories as described below.

49. Web Site

  • Include the site’s URL (address) on the entry form and submit jpeg of entries on a CD.

50. Web Banner Advertisement

  • An advertising banner, with or without link designed to appear on another company’s site.Include the site’s URL (address) on the entry form and submit a CD with jpeg of entries.

51. CD-ROM

  • Submit one sample of the actual CD, and any relevant collateral materials.

2005 Awards Entry Form


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