The 2003 Adams Growth Brand Award winners in the wine and spirits categories appeared in March/April 2003 Beverage Dynamics. Soon after, we took the opportunity to present the actual plaques to the winning companies during the WSWA (Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America) Annual Convention and Exposition in Orlando. (All but one of the following photos were taken there.) With wine and spirits suppliers huddling with their wholesalers to cement plans for the coming year, the meeting turned out to be an ideal venue to celebrate “victory” by the industry’s fastest-growing and best-selling wine and spirits brands. Coverage of the Growth Brand winners in the beer categories is scheduled for the September/October 2003 Beverage Dynamics.

Charlie Forman, Adams Beverage Group; Alan B. Lewis, C&C Inter-national;

Tom Wilen, President, Allied Domecq Spirits & Wine NA; Tony Bongiovanni, Adams Beverage Group

Diageo Awards photo
Charlie Forman, Adams
Beverage Group; Eric Moreham, President,

CEO, Delicato Vineyards; Vincent Indelicato, COB, Delicato Vineyards

0307sh11From Bacardi USA are Gonzolo de la Pezuela, VP, Group Marketing

Director; Monsell Darville, VP, Group Marketing Director; Celio Romanach,

VP, Group Marketing Director; Raul Marmol, VP, Director of Marketing

0307sh7Tony Bongiovanni, Adams Beverage Group; Gary Heck, Chairman, Korbel Champagne Cellars; Ken

Wilson, SVP, Brown-Forman Wines; Ralph Aguerra, VP Trade Relations, Brown-Forman Beverages

Worldwide (NA); Charlie Forman, Adams Beverage Group

Charlie Forman, Adams Beverage Group; David A. Mackesey,

President, The Wine Group; Tony Bongiovanni, Adams Beverage Group

0307sh9 Guillaume Cuvelier, Managing Director, Spirits Marque

One; Charlie Forman, Adams Beverage Group

From Sidney Frank Importing are Eugene Frank, President;

Bill Thompson, VP; John Frank, EVP; Cathy Halstead; Lee Einsidler, EVP, Sales & Marketing


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