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Automated teller machines (ATMs) are to beverage alcohol retailers what mini bars are to hotel operators: another way to boost profits while providing a customer convenience. If your store is located far from a bank, that’s even better. Customers will see your store as a place to stock up on beverages as well as some discretionary cash. Your loyal clientele will appreciate the convenience of ATMs and you might even attract new customers because of them. Indeed, surveys have shown that ATM users spend up to 25% more than non-ATM users. And the $1 to $2 fee you can charge for each transaction makes these money-dispensing machines also moneymaking machines. 9100fa

The Triton 9100 is ideal for small chains and independent store owners.

With the many ATM brands on the market, it’s important to choose one that is not only cost-effective and technologically up-to-date but also easy-to-use. Triton (; 904-807-0020) offers ATM options for low- and high-traffic operators. The 9100 model is ideal for small chains and independent store owners. It comes with security features like SPED (Secure PIN entry device) and Triple DES, the new standard for PIN encryption, as well as a standard cassette (which holds up to 2,000 notes) and an automatic error recovery feature designed to maximize speed. Triton’s new RL5000, a PC-based ATM with a Windows platform, is a better fit for retailers with higher volume. It features a TCP/IP-based network communications with a 10.4-inch color LCD screen as well as the capacity to handle money transfers, check-cashing and more.

The Tranax 2150 features upgrades like check cashing and pre-paid telecom cards.

Tranax ATMs (; 888-340-2484), made famous by the movie “Barbershop,” starring rapper Ice Cube, are also a good bet. The Mini-Bank 1500 model is said to be the company’s most popular machine. It comes with standard AP software with DES, a voice guidance system, an Encrypted Pin Pad (EPP) and is said to be very price-competitive and reliable. The Mini-Bank 2150 model, known for its 7.5-inch color LCD screen and a single cassette that is expandable to a dual cassette system, is slightly more sophisticated. It features optional upgrades such as check cashing and pre-paid telecom cards, all made possible through a Windows XP system, which also allows you to download information about the products you carry and make that information accessible to customers who want to do in-store research. pop_3100

Tidel’s new 3100 unit is said to be a good low-cost, highly reliable cash dispenser.


Tidel (; 800-678-7577) is another popular brand that caters to off-premise retailers including 7-Eleven and Safeway Inc. The newest line, the 3000 series, offers two models that are particularly useful for retailers — the 3100 and the 3400 model. The 3100 is said to be a good option for those looking for a low-cost high reliability cash dispenser. It offers a Tamper Resistant Encrypted Pin Pad (TREPP) and Triple DES compliance, as well as check cashing, prepaid wireless and other standard features. Tidel’s Value Improvement Package features a 5.7-inch color LCD display, hardware for voice-assisted transactions and a faster modem. For retailers who are experiencing or expecting high in-store traffic, the 3400 model is the best option. Known for its 10.4-inch color display, it comes with one standard cassette with the option to add more cassettes, a feature that the 3100 model does not have.

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