Symbol Technologies features the PPT 2800 series, which can be customized to a retailer’s needs.

Intermec recently introduced the 760 Color Pocket PC with three radio communication options available.

The days of tracking inventory and sales with pen and paper are over. Thanks to the some of the new tech-savvy, handheld scanners from Symbol Technologies, Metrologic and Intermec, it has never been easier to track inventory, check shipments and arrival of goods, collect data on customers’ purchases, scan driver’s licenses and enhance the overall productivity of your store. The scanners are also customizable. All you must do is choose the software and applications, and the company, or one of its partners, in turn, will program the scanner according to your preferences.

Symbol Technologies has two new devices of interest to beverage alcohol retailers: the SPT 1800 Series of palm-powered mobile computers and the PPT 2800 Series, a family of Windows-powered, PC-based devices. While the devices look exactly the same, the 1800 series is geared to retailers who prefer palm operating systems and the 2800 series is for those who prefer to develop their applications in a Windows environment. Both feature fully integrated bar code scanning and wireless local area network (WLAN) and wireless wide area network (WWAN) communications, which allow real-time information flow between your remote host system and the point of activity. Since each device can be customized to a retailer’s needs, applications vary.

Metrologic debuted the VoyagerBT, a wireless, laser bar code scanner.

Intermec has also introduced a new member to its family of mobile computers: the 760 Color, a Pocket PC mobile computer that is a part of Intermec’s 700 series. The 760 Color not only supports both the Global Packet Ready Service (GPRS) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), but it can also read 1D and 2D bar codes and allows for photography applications. All members of the 700 series have three radio communication options available in a single device, including a WLAN, WWAN and a power-managed radio equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology.

Metrologic’s hand-held scanner line has also incorporated Bluetooth technology in its newest additions to the Voyager Series: the VoyagerBT and the VoyagerPDF. Designed for use in POS or light warehousing applications, the VoyagerBT can communicate with PC’s, laptops and barcode printers. The VoyagerPDF, however, functions as a high-speed linear laser scanner, and is targeted to retailers who have medium-volume scanning needs of 2D bar codes and driver’s licenses.



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