AGUARDIENTE CRISTAL Consumer mail-in offer for yellow
(Shaw-Ross Importers) and black soccer ball; floor displays
with take-one forms.

AMSTEL, AMSTEL LIGHT, Valentine’s Day sweepstakes, “Amstel
AMSTEL 1870 Dream Date”; prizes include Caribbean
(Heineken USA) vacations; variety of point-of-sale.

COORS LIGHT Off-premise display materials expanding
(Coors Brewing Co.) on the “Hey. Beer. Man.” advertisements;
large assortment of p-o-s items.


COURVOISIER XO Limited-edition humidor boxes for 750 ml
(Domecq Importers) bottle; suggested retail price: $299;
available on a limited basis nationally.

CRUZAN RUMS New counter displays for 200 ml, frosted
(Todhunter Imports) glass bottles of Cruzan tropical flavored
rums: Banana, Coconut and Pineapple.


FRÏS VODKA Educational promotional materials for
(Hiram Walker & Sons) Danish vodka brand; case cards, shelf
talkers, video for staff education.

HEINEKEN Consumer sweepstakes tied to Black
(Heineken USA) History Month (February); grand prize
trip to Ghana; case cards and other p-o-s.

KAHLÚA Spring campaign to promote B-52 drink
(Hiram Walker & Sons) (Kahlúa, Carolans and Grand Marnier);
value-added packs with a CD of party music.

MELLO YELLO Video game promotion including
(Coca-Cola USA) sweepstakes for chance to “appear”
as a character in an Electronic Art game.

MILLER HIGH LIFE “Life on the Edge” snowboarding
(Miller Brewing Co.) promotion; case cards with take-one
brochures, case wrap and mobiles.

O’DOUL’S AMBER Case cards, cooler stickers and shelf
(Anheuser-Busch) talkers for those markets where new
amber non-alcohol brew has rolled out.

OLD MILWAUKEE, OLD “Race for Taste” auto racing promotion
MILWAUKEE LIGHT tied to the TV series, Fast Track; mass
(The Stroh Brewery) floor displays, case cards and mobiles.

O’MARA’S IRISH CREAM St. Patrick’s Day display materials
(Heaven Hill Distilleries) including case cards featuring the
brand’s cow mascot.

POINT BOCK BEER New point-of-sale to announce year-
(Stevens Point Brewery) round availability of brand; case cards
with slogan, “Brewed to Be Bold.”

SOUTHERN COMFORT Point-of-sale available in February
(Brown-Forman Beverages to promote the SoCo Manhattan;
Worldwide) consumer offer for glassware.


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