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498pp15*Veryfine Products, Inc. is capping off its line of Veryfine Chillers with PET sports caps for people who are on the go. The repackaged juice drinks are available nationwide in 20-ounce bottles of Tropical Freeze, Arctic Orange, Lemon Lime Avalanche and Freezing Fruit punch.

*Egg Cream America is adding two new flavors to its line of Jeff’s Sodas — Jeff’s Vanilla Soda and Jeff’s Lemon Dream Soda. The two 97% fat-free dairy-based carbonated beverages are available in 9.5-ounce bottles with the suggested retail price of 99 cents.

SHE 12*Baker’s Bourbon is sporting a new label that features a larger ‘B,’ in an effort to reflect the brand’s distinctiveness and to make the brand easier to find on the shelves. Baker’s Bourbon is marketed by Jim Beam Brands Co.


*Alizé is asking, “Have you tasted passion?” If not, consumers can try the new Alizé 7003COR02 Red Passion instead. It’s the original Alizé with added peach and cranberry flavors. The 32-proof ruby-red beverage is available nationwide in a 750 ml bottle with a suggested retail price of $17.99.

SHE 13*Hock’s Cider is rolling out nationwide. The fermented, lightly-carbonated beverage contains 5% alcohol and is available in six-packs of 12-ounce bottles for approximately $6.99.

*Pete’s Brewing Company is adding fuel to the craft beer explosion with the release of Pete’s ESP Lager (ESP means extra special pub), an amber-hued beer brewed with Takima Tettnang hops. The new brew is available in six-packs and 12-packs with a suggested retail price of $5.99.

*The Rockies Brewing Company has let loose its new brew, Boulder Cliffhanger Ale. The limited-edition amber beer is said to have a medium, dry-hopped body with a crisp and fruity finish. The beer is available in six-packs and in 15.5 gallon kegs.

6804SHEL4*Miller Brewing Company anticipates that Red Dog beer will have a bigger bark and bite with its new, bolder packaging. The new Red Dog carries a larger icon with a silver backdrop and waterdrops. Each bottle cap will also feature a bit of Red Dog wisdom underneath.

*Empson U.S.A. Inc. is introducing the newest member of the Mazzei family, Poggio alla Badiola. The wine is a blend of 94% sangiovese, 3% cabernet sauvignon and 3% merlot and comes with a suggested retail price of $14.

6804SEA03*Fresh Samantha brand superpremium juices are now available in the metro Washington, DC area. Currently distributed to metro New York and throughout New England, the brand includes Mama Mango, Raspberry Dream and Super Juice in single-serve containers.

*Consumers can now take home six packs of Passion, Kiwi-Strawberry, Mixed Fruit and Berry flavors of St. Ides Brewing Company’s Special Brew. The alternative malt beverage, now offered in 12-ounce wide-mouth bottles, was previously available in 20- and 32-ounce bottles.

6804SHEL08*Labatt USA will be rolling out a newly-labeled Dos Equis this spring, adding an emphasis on the “XX” logo and its heritage. The re-designed packaging will be a part of the brand’s “Viva la Revolución” promotion, which will include various off-premise p-o-s items.

*FIJI Natural Artesian Water is being introduced nationwide thanks to Natural Waters of Viti Ltd. The water is available in .5-, 1- and 1.5-liter bottles. The water has already rolled out in Florida, Los Angeles and New York markets.

SHE10* The Guinness Import Company has relaunched Pilsner Urquell, imported from The Czech Republic. The new packaging features an updated logo with a background illustration of Pilsen, the Bohemian town where Pilsner Urqell has been brewed since 1842.

6804SHE09*It’s said to be cleaner, sleeker and more modern, and it’s part of Bacardi-Martini’s redesign campaign for its Martini & Rossi Vermouth. The vermouth bottles will now feature a brief history of the spirit on a silver background, and it will have a shorter neck, said to help differentiate this vermouth from the rest on
the shelf.

SHE12* Snapple Beverage Corp., a division of the Triarc Beverage Group, has introduced a new beverage line called “WhipperSnapple,” a blend of fruit juices and purees with other natural ingredients. The new product taps into one of the latest beverage trends: smoothie-type drinks and herbally enhanced beverages, which both showed triple-digit increases over the past year. WhipperSnapple comes in four flavors: Orange Dream, Peach Mango, Strawberry Banana and Pineapple Orange. In addition, the line includes two herbally enhanced products: Berry, which is infused with ginseng, echinacea and bee pollen, and Citrus, which includes gingko biloba, spirulina and wheatgrass. The launch is being supported with a national advertising campaign featuring TV and radio spots, as well as in-store merchandising materials.

498pp17* Saratoga Beverage Group is singing the blues with “Saratoga Blues, ” special edition packaging in honor of Saratoga Sparkling Water’s 125th Anniversary. The cobalt glass bottle, with a four-piece jazz/blues ensemble painted on the outside, debuted at the Blues Brothers 2000 premiere party.

SHE11 * The Celis Brewery has updated its packaging to highlight the brewery’s heritage. The labels and carriers on Celis beers now include an illustration of a 1945 photograph of Pierre Celis (the brewery’s 73-year-old founder), working with craft beer. Six-pack containers now use one end panel to tell the story of the specific brand while the other end panel describes the history of the brewery.

498pp16*Seaview wines of Australia is highlighting a new, upscale label. The new label features a gold-embossed sea gull and a die-cut neck label with a portrait of the sea, along with new logoed corks. Seaview is marketed in the U.S. by Southcorp Wines North America.

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New Wine Releases

Sutter Home Winery has released a 1997 Merlot Rosé (with suggested retail, $5.49)… Fetzer Vineyards has released a 1997 Sundial Chardonnay ($7.99) and a 1997 Johannisberg Riesling ($6.99)… Gloria Ferrer has released a limited production of a 1989 Carneros Cuvée Late Disgorged Brut ($28)… Robert Mondavi and Viña Errazuriz wineries have released Seña ($50)… Dry Creek Vineyards has released a 1996 Chardonnay ($14.75) and a 1995 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon ($27)… Jekel Vineyards, of Monterey County, CA, has released a 1996 Chardonnay ($15) and a 1995 Merlot ($15).


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