Spring Glassware: Stylish and Angular

america’s leading foodservice glassware companies are polishing up their latest styles of glasses for the spring, with launches of new lines and expansion of existing ones that emphasize variety, new shapes and sizes. Manufacturers are striving to introduce glassware that is strong and durable while appearing elegant, appealing and versatile. Consequently, operators looking to rejuvenate their beverage presentation can benefit from what is seen as a greater selection of shapes and capacity in the stemware, tumbler and other categories of glassware.

0504gls1Bormioli Rocco’s stylish Jerba glassware.

“I’m seeing more angular shapes in glassware this season, instead of square or rectangular shapes. The use of these elegant lines for glasses provides a high-end appeal,” says James Betz, senior marketing manager, foodservice, at Anchor Hocking Glass. “And glassware is more creative now. I’ve seen more color, for instance, sprayed, colored stems. In addition, glassware is becoming much more integrated to the table top expression itself, and operators are looking for quality glassware as part of the restaurant experience,” he said.

(Late last year, Anchor Hocking and Oneida Ltd. formed a licensing agreement for glass products used in the foodservice industry. The lines were consolidated and co-branded as Anchor Glass/Oneida.)

cd_f_glass_nadineOneida’s Inn Crystal collection features Nadine (left) and Angelina (below) stemware designs.


The Anchor/Oneida alliance includes Bormioli Rocco, an established Italian glassware manufacturer based in Parma. Bormioli Rocco debuted its stylish new Jerba line this year. “The new 12-oz. glass from Jerba is a versatile piece. While it is considered a dessert piece, operators will find that they can use it to set off an appetizer, such as shrimp cocktail, or even use it as a stylish glass for Margaritas,” Betz said.


Oneida Foodservice introduced its Inn Crystal collection of glassware products to the foodservice industry this year. The line of stemware and tumblers feature a unique magnesium-based crystal that the company says eliminates the trade-off between clarity and durability in this product category.

The new Oneida portfolio includes six stemware and three tumbler design lines. Stemware designs consist of Angelina, Nadine, Amelie, Daniela, Mariella and Simona. Tumbler designs include the Clermont line, which features six tumblers from the 9 3/4 oz. wine tumbler to an 18 5/8 oz. High Ball. The Grandville line ranges from an 11 1/8 oz. wine tumbler or Old Fashioned to the 12 7/8 oz. High Ball. Finally, the Versailles line offers a 1 1/2 oz. Shot Glass through to a 16 oz. High Ball design.

Oneida’s strategic partnership with Inn Crystal Glass GmbH of Austria enabled it to become the exclusive marketer and distributor of Inn Crystal’s foodservice glassware products in key global markets, including North America.

Inn Crystal was founded 20 years ago as an equipment provider and technical consultant to the European glass trade, and has grown into a major glassware producer for the U.S. market. Its crystal glassware products combine the strength of alloy-based crystal glass with the sheer brilliance of delicate traditional crystal. “That way, neither durability nor clarity have been sacrificed,” says a company spokesperson.

Libbey extends its Inverness
line with two new tumblers.


Libbey Glassware has introduced new glassware in three of its portfolios this year. This month, Libbey launched the 12 1/2 oz. Vina Diamond Tall Wine and 18 1/4 oz. Vina Diamond Balloon to its Vina line of stemware.

Introduced in 2001, Vina is elegant, affordable, and durable and the additions are designed with contemporary diamond-shaped bowls that enhance the bouquet and flavor of the finest wines, the company says. The Diamond Tall Wine is ideal for white wines such as pinot blanc, riesling, and sauvignon blanc. The Diamond Balloon complements Bordeaux, Burgundy, and merlot. The tall stems and elegant diamond-shaped bowls are graceful on the table or at the bar.

0504gls4Libbey’s new Vina Diamond Tall Wine and Balloon selections.

Libbey Glassware has also expanded its offerings in its classic Inverness line. Last month, Libbey added “two key items” to its Inverness pressed tumblers line — an 8 oz. Rocks and 12 oz. Short Beverage.

Introduced over 10 years ago, Inverness has classic styling and outstanding durability. Libbey says the addition of the 8 oz. Rocks and 12 oz. Short Beverage, create a full line of Inverness tumblers with capacities that fill various needs for operators.

This year, Libbey also added two new tumblers to its popular imported Italian line, Series V, which it launched in 2004. Libbey added the V350, 11 7/8 oz. Double Old Fashioned and the V420, a 14 1/4 oz. Hi-Ball — two key capacities that complement the shooter, rocks, and beverage glasses presently in the line. Series V has clean lines and upscale, European styling, and combined with a thick sham, gives the glasses a high perceived value along with functionality.

Arcoroc’s Sensation portfolio
combines oversized shapes
with modern styling.


Cardinal Glassware’s extensive Arcoroc Professional product range continues to expand. The glassware available ranges from stemware, barware, glassware for desserts as well as a variety of tabletop accessory items. New offerings include Arcoroc’s Cabernet portfolio, which added a 4 oz. Port glass. In the Sensation line, a 17-oz. “Salto” Cooler was added, and in its Excalibur collection, an 11 oz. All-Purpose Goblet was added. Excalibur also has a large array of Beverage, High Ball (five sizes, ranging from 6 oz. to 11 oz.), and Old Fashioned glasses (four, ranging from 5 oz. to 10 1/2 oz).

In addition to these classics, Arcoroc offers a variety of other styles, such as its Amelia line, which consists of four sizes of Stacking Goblets (from 5 1/2 oz. to 10 1/2 oz). In Lineal, three Goblets ranging from 6 1/4 oz. to 10 1/4 oz. offer clean, angular lines. A 5 1/4 oz. Flute was recently added to Lineal.

Arcoroc’s Tumblers division has also launched some new styles. In the Salto design of tumbler, a larger, 17 oz. Cooler was added to the existing three glasses. In the Salto Ice Blue, a 10 3/4 oz. Hi Ball joined an existing 11 3/4 oz. Cooler. And in the Shetland Ice Blue category, a 10 1/2 oz. Old Fashioned paired with an existing 12 oz. High Ball.


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