The best advertising, promotion, packaging and merchandising materials in the beverage industry today.

bfdawd_tp.GIF (4642 bytes)With the national economy humming and the beverage industry showing increasing vitality in several areas, it’s no wonder that the 14th anniversary of the Beverage & Food Dynamics Advertising & Promotion Awards competition proved to be a success. Companies are spending more money to promote and advertise more high-profile products than they have in years. In fact, the overall feeling among the judges who evaluated the material was that the overall quality of the numerous entries submitted was, once again, excellent.

Clearly, these well-thought-out investments in packaging, advertising, merchandising and promotion have played an important role in directing consumers toward certain brands. This is crucial, for even though consumers are flush with dollars in the healthy economy, competition among brands remains fierce. And nothing can appeal to consumers like a creative advertising campaign, fresh packaging and an innovative promotional program.

This year, our panel of judges — listed at the end of this article — included nine executives from a variety of advertising, marketing and design firms. They graciously gave of their time, intelligence and wit, and we’d like to acknowledge their participation. It wasn’t an easy task choosing the winners, especially in the many categories where were there a number of exceptional entries. The following pages are meant to showcase those winners and the companies behind our industry’s best advertising, packaging, promotions and merchandising materials.



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