SEA#1 Dream Team

For lack of better words, Miller Lite is in search of a “Really, Really Good Football Team” in its fall promotion. Miller plans to send 50 “Really Good” winners and their guests to this year’s Super Bowl in Miami via sweepstakes entries. The Miller Brewing Company is offering posters, danglers, case cards, tackers and team-specific materials.

998kick2 Ahead of the Game

In the spirit of the Cheeseheads and Saturday Night Live’s Coneheads comes Corona’s head’s up idea — the Limeheads. Retailers can promote the Gambrinus Company’s “Limehead” football campaign with Limehead pennants, posters and case cards. The Limehead promotion is an extension of this year’s “No Corona, No Party” theme.

SEA/5 Wicked Season

Pete wants customers to get the full story behind Pete’s Oktoberfest Beer. Pete says he was two days late for Oktoberfest in Bavaria (that’s Southern Germany), so he decided to create it for himself. Home-bound customers can try it out, too, after learning about it through an in-store case card, bulls-eye, shelf
talker or case tucker.


998kick4 A Grouse About

The Famous Grouse is headed to the golf course, by way of a fall promotion offering four posters that capture the finer points of the classic game. All it takes is $12.95, plus $4.95 shipping and handling sent to Divots & Whiffs, Inc., 29 Pearl St., NW, Suite 510, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, and customers can walk away with a piece of Scottish sports history.

SEA/2 FusionFest

In an age when fusion food and fashion steal the public’s attention, Labatt USA has joined in the trend with “Octoberfiesta.” The Mexican fiesta and German fest are blended to make up the Dos Equis promotion. Customers can join in the fun with a Dos Equis collectible beer stein mail-in offer. Octoberfiesta will run through October.

998kick6 Meet Monte

Monte the Worm, spokesworm for Monte Alban mezcal, has returned, and this time he is ready for the upcoming hockey season. In Barton Brands’ “Shoot It! Eat It! Prof-It! promotion, retailers can score a party kit that features Monte in hockey gear on posters and banners. Hockey stick drink stirrers, key chains and other premium items are also a part of the package.

Ein, Swei… Trinken!

Samuel Adams is getting prepared for the crisp, fall season with its OctoberFest sweepstakes. Grand prize is a trip for two to Munich, Germany. Others can win a $1,500 gift check or 4 Sam Adams 25-ounce steers two pounds of pistachios. Tear pads also bear info on how to order OctoberFest steins.

Fighting Bird

Heaven Hill Distilleries wants to re-introduce Fighting Cock to your customers with a merchandising program that includes shelf talkers, danglers, a case card, floor display, shipper, 50 ml bottle counter bin, cap and T-shirt with offer pad.
From the September 1998 issue of Beverage & Food Dynamics.
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