Fishing, baseball, the great outdoors and Cinco de Mayo.These are sure signs that Spring is in full swing, and suppliers are looking to reel in profits with exciting promotions, displays and sweepstakes. Here’s a sample of what’s brewing for the season.

A Reel Promotion sea#4

Retailers can fish for profits this spring with Miller Brewing Co.’s “Big Daddy” sweepstakes promotion for Icehouse beer. Consumers can win the use of a fishing cabin and other prizes, all advertised by a fishing boat spectacular display, an inflatable dangler and other p-o-s.

Corona de Mayo 6904PROM5

The Gambrinus Company is urging consumers to party down Corona-style during Cinco de Mayo this year. The “No Corona. No Party.” promotion offers retailers festive piñatas, posters, T-shirts, ice buckets, balloons and more to make sure no one misses the celebration.

Swing, Batter, Swing! 498up3

Coors says its new Coors Light promotion is no baseball fantasy camp; instead it’s a chance to win a trip to the 1998 All Star Game with Nolan Ryan, Hank Aaron and Tony Perez. “Big Bat” series of commemorative cans and Nolan Ryan stand-ups, banners and other p-o-s will promote the sweepstakes.

Kahlúa in Flight kaluha 1

Kahlúa has taken off on its spring campaign that promotes the B-52 drink, a combination of Kahlúa, Carolans and Grand Marnier. Hiram Walker & Sons is offering consumers value-added packs of the creamy liqueur and a CD of party music.



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