Revolutionary Bar Brand Placement Product Launched

Irish brand placement specialist printer Burex (Mfg.) Ltd. has pioneered a new printing process that has the potential to revolutionise on-trade bar advertising with the advent of their high impact, full-colour process bar counter drip trays. This is a first in bar visibility marketing tools for the beverage industry.

Metal drip trays of various shapes and sizes can be seen in drinking establishments everywhere. Drink advertisers now have the opportunity to place advertisements directly on to these trays. All trays sit at front of house – the point of contact with the customer that can stimulate an impulse buy.

For instance, taking a standard aluminium tray Burex can now flood-coat both the surface and side edges of the tray with a vibrant full-colour image. Long and short multi-hole trays made from any metal substrate can now be dyed all over with photographic quality images.

According to the company’€™s Sales Director Tom Reilly the response from within the drinks industry has been ‘€˜absolutely phenomenal’€™.

‘€˜This product can be used in bars, hotels and night clubs,’€™ he explained. ‘€˜It can even be printed using luminescent inks for dimly lit atmospheres. In terms of sales, doors have opened up for us recently because of this product alone where they have been firmly shut in the past.’€™


Burex has an established reputation in the drinks industry as they have been printing bar runners using their standard sublimation printing process for the past decade.

The company is now in its twelfth year and employs 21 people at a 14,000 sq ft facility in Dunleer, Co. Louth, Ireland – halfway between Dublin and Belfast.

press release copy here.


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