ROCHESTER, New York ‘€“ First introduced in 1994 and widely popular in the late 90s, The Original Honey Brown is mounting a comeback. Credited as one of the first beers to add honey, The Original Honey Brown sold like wildfire. Made with clear water, barley malt, hops and pure Manitoba White Clover honey, its distinctive taste won over beer fans quickly. ‘€œIt developed somewhat of a cult following,’€ said John Fischer, brewmaster for The Original Honey Brown. ‘€œSixteen years ago, it was a very new idea among American craft brewers to use honey as a beer ingredient and people loved it.’€
In its heyday, sales of The Original Honey Brown quickly peaked to 250,000 barrels, fueled by consumer demand for the smooth, unique flavor profile. When the brewery started going through hard times in the late 90s it pulled back its support of The Original Honey Brown. Sales dipped and the brewery quickly reacted by repackaging the beer, hiking up the price and putting it in the craft brew section of grocery stores. It didn’€™t work. Distribution lagged and sales slumped further.
‘€œWe’€™re excited to re-launch a popular beer that people once loved. Back in the late 90s, the brewery failed to recognize they had a hit on their hands with The Original Honey Brown. The great recipe remained the same but the changes to the packaging made it hard for people to find,’€ said Jason Drewniak, brand manager for The Original Honey Brown. ‘€œI couldn’€™t be happier to get back to our roots and tell consumers that The Original Honey Brown is back. And it looks just like they remember,’€ added Drewniak.
Starting today, people can find their old favorite, The Original Honey Brown ‘€“ like it looked when it was first introduced in 1994. The ‘€œnew’€ look adopts the exact same iconic label and packaging that made The Original Honey Brown famous. Along with the packaging changes, The Original Honey Brown will have a new, lower price in many areas where it’€™s sold ‘€“ making it competitive among specialty beers, which was a key part of the beer’€™s original success.
According to Drewniak, sometimes you have to admit when you’€™ve gotten off track. ‘€œConsumers spoke with their wallets. They stopped buying the beer we know they love because they didn’€™t recognize it and couldn’€™t find it,’€ he said. ‘€œWe don’€™t have to create something new. We already had the right recipe for success. We just have to give people what they want.’€
Reaction from distributors and retailers to the return of The Original Honey Brown has been very positive. The boost in availability for the brand will mean old fans will get a chance to rediscover the beer and new fans will be introduced to what was once among the hottest new introductions in the beer business. The Original Honey Brown is available in six and 12-pack bottles, and 12-pack cans at grocery, convenience and drug stores throughout the country. It’€™s also available on draft at bars and restaurants.

About The Original Honey Brown
The Original Honey Brown was first introduced in 1994. Produced by the Dundee Brewing Co. in Rochester, New York, Honey Brown is famous for being one of the first beers brewed with honey. Dundee Brewing Co. is part of North American Breweries, which also owns the Genesee Brewing Company, Labatt USA and a perpetual license for Seagram’€™s Escapes from Pernod Ricard USA, LLC.

Please drink responsibly.
Editor’€™s Note
Samples of The Original Honey Brown and interview opportunities are available upon request.
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