renewal premium spring water – Eco-friendly bottles made entirely from plants

re:newal premium spring water makes national debut
Now supplying to Cancer Treatment Centers of America

New York City, U.S., 3 March, 2010 – re:newal premium spring water today made its national debut at the Green Products Expo in New York City. This follows an agreement with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America to begin distribution in hospitals across its national network.

re:newal features a 100 percent plant-based bottle and label. This unique polylactide (PLA) material ensures that, unlike the more common plastic bottles made from crude oil, re:newal bottles can be recycled quickly and easily back into their original form and returned to the earth without damage to the environment.

re:newal is also one of the purest natural spring waters on the market according to results from outside hydrological analysis. This compelling combination of eco bottle and pure water has resulted in a successful pilot across the state of Florida and the Southeast United States, where the water is sourced and bottled. As a result renewal will begin to expand into top markets across the U.S.

‘€œWe want to encourage people everywhere to think differently about bottled water and make an active choice to move away from petroleum based plastic to 100 percent plant-based bottles,’€ said Darren Keller, re:newal CEO. ‘€œWe are already seeing a significant shift by companies in Florida to move to a more eco-friendly business model and as we grow to new markets we see a significant opportunity to help other companies who are moving in the same direction.’€


About re:newal
re:newal is owned by Keystone Water Company, LLC, located at 1512 US 27 South in Lake Placid, Florida.


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