Agave NYC, Casa San Matias Forge Unprecedented Partnership!

New York, NY, September 30, 2010 –Historic Mexican Distillery Aids Bar’€™s Bid for Tequila Industry’€™s Top Honor!

A West Village hidden gem, Agave NYC, and one of Mexico’€™s most important tequila distilleries, Casa San Matias, collaborate in an exclusive pairing to qualify the Restaurant and Tequila Bar for the Tequila Industry’€™s most coveted award, the Agave de Oro.

Agave NYC, consistently rated as one of the finest Restaurants and Tequila Bars in the past decade by City Search, Zagat, New York Magazine, and Playboy, has launched its bid for the Tequila Industry’€™s most prestigious award, The Distintivo ‘€œT’€ Agave de Oro.


Created in 2003 by the Tequila Regulatory Council (Consejo Regulador del Tequila) and the National Chamber of the Tequila Industry (Camara Nacional de la Industria Tequilera), the Distintivo ‘€œT’€ was designed to spread the authentic culture of tequila and to promote the denomination of origin of the Tequila, Jalisco region.

‘€œLess than a handful of food and beverage establishments in the United States have qualified for this award,’€ declares Jason Silverman, Agave Beverage Manager for Agave NYC.


‘€œWe intend to be the only Restaurant and Tequila Bar in New York State to achieve this honor,’€ declares James O’€™Hanlon, General Manager of Agave NYC.

To do that, Agave NYC enlisted the help of Casa San Matias, one of Mexico’€™s top rated distilleries for quality, with over 120 years of producing exquisite, one hundred percent agave tequilas including Pueblo Viejo’€”Agave NYC’€™s house tequila–and the much sought after extra añejo, Rey Sol.

‘€œWe are very confident in the quality of our products,’€ affirms Gonzalo Escobar, Export Manager for Casa San Matias.

One of only two distilleries spearheaded by women in the male dominated Tequla Industry, Casa San Matias uses only its own estate grown blue weber agave for all of its marques.

‘€œWe combine state-of-the-art facilities, such as our bottling plant,’€ continues Escobar, ‘€œwith traditional production methods like baking our agave in stone ovens, as well as using only pure spring water.’€

To meet the stringent criteria for the Agave de Oro award, Silverman has chosen Casa San Matias’€™ Pueblo Viejo brand tequila to be the main ingredient used in all of Agave NYC’€™s house margaritas.

He has also amassed a phenomenal collection of over 100 different brands of only 100% agave tequilas selected based on taste and quality. Agave NYC’€™s tequila menu further educates customers by grouping each tequila brand by its agave growing regions.

Additionally, Agave NYC hosts Tequila Tasting Tuesdays which includes a tantalizing three course meal lovingly prepared to highlight the nuances of each weekly featured tequila brand.

‘€œOur tequila range, price and service are unrivaled in New York City,’€ asserts Silverman.

‘€œAgave NYC is a bar where people who are curious about agave spirits, and want to discover and learn more about them, can enjoy a unique variety of tequilas in a relaxed, informal setting,’€ explains O’€™Hanlon.

Visit them on 140 Seventh Ave. South in New York City, order a handcrafted margarita created with Casa San Matias’€™ Pueblo Viejo tequila, and experience why Agave NYC was named to Playboy’€™s A-List as one the Top Ten tequila lounges in the US.


For a lively discussion on Agave NYC’€™s quest for the Agave de Oro award with Agave Beverage Manager, Jason Silverman , call 917-971-5215 now. For an in-depth interview about Casa San Matias, contact Gonzalo Escobar, Export Manager, at 714-331-5678. Visit Agave NYC online at or Log onto for more on Casa San Matias.


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