26th Annual Beverage Dynamics Advertising & Promotion Awards

The best advertising, promotion, packaging and merchandising materials in the beverage alcohol industry today.

Once again, the beverage alcohol industry has faced a challenging year, with the economy recovering in fits and starts. The unemployment rate remains stubbornly near 10%, with companies hesitant to hire many new workers, even as they amass record profits. And consumers are understandably hesitant to spend in an uncertain economic environment. Indeed, according to reports, people are saving a larger percentage of their income than in recent memory. Yes, consumers are still drinking, but are generally spending less for their beverage alcohol products, which translates into less money flowing through all three tiers of the beverage alcohol system. And while marketing and merchandising programs are key components of beverage alcohol supplier sales efforts, it’€™s no secret that in difficult economic times, these are the first areas that usually see funding cuts.

Still, as we’€™ve said here before, every year suppliers collectively spend millions of dollars to create and grow their brands. These efforts are almost always supported by a wide range of merchandising and advertising programs introduced each year. Cleary, all beverage alcohol companies strive to produce a superior product. After that, the marketing, packaging, promotional and public relations talent takes over, contributing to the success of brand as they seek to present products that distinguish themselves from similar ones on retailers’€™ shelves. The Beverage Dynamics Advertising & Promotion Awards competition, now in its 26th year, is meant to highlight this broad array of innovative merchandising and advertising programs introduced during the past year (officially from April 2009 to July 2010).

This year, our panel of judges included a quartet of seasoned members of the advertising, promotion and marketing fields: Chris DeVito, creative director, Devito Fitterman Advertising; Walt Bishop, creative senior vice president, SGW Advertising; Gerry Khermouch, editor of Beverage Business Insights; and Barney Stacher, president of Stacher & Stacher. Once again, they graciously gave of their time, experience and energy, and we’€™d like to acknowledge their participation. As in every competition of this sort, choosing the winners is not an easy task, especially in the categories with a number of exceptional entries. As always, the entries are judged on creativity, effectiveness as a sales communication tool and overall production quality. The following pages are meant to showcase these winners and the companies behind our industry’€™s best advertising, packaging, promotions and merchandising materials.

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