MillerCoors Going After Spirits Drinkers Wth New Fortune Brew

MillerCoors is gearing up to unveil its new beer, Miller Fortune, over the next two months with an aggressive distribution program. The golden lager, brewed in part with Cascade hops, aims to target younger spirits drinkers, namely, men in their 20s. The amber-hued Fortune has a more malty, complex flavor hinting at Bourbon, as well as a higher alcohol content of 6.9%. In an early tasting, Bloomberg reports that Fortune’s flavor is “moderately bitter with hints of sweetness, resting somewhere between a craft beer and a light lager.” What’s more, Fortune is meant to be enjoyed in a rocks glass vs. a pint glass, so that the flavors will emerge even more as the rocks glass warms up in the hand. Serving the beer in this uncoventional way lets MillerCoors put its stamp on Fortune as the company did by serving its Blue Moon Belgian White craft brew with an orange slice. Another way Miller is ensuring Fortune will stand out: A jet-black bottle with an angular shaped so it looks more like a spirits bottle than a beer. Read the full Bloomberg story here.


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