Target Opens Pilot Minnesota Liquor Store

Target opens its first in-store liquor store in its home state of Minnesota in more than 40 years in a move to compete with other big box stores and grocery chains who sell liquor.

The pilot Minnesota store is a 1,600 square foot addition to a Super Target in Otsego, Minn., about a 40-minute drive from Minneapolis proper.

Wine is certainly the largest product segment in the store, but Target also made some space in the small-format for a liquor aisle, a pair of beer coolers and a pair of shelves for mixers and accessories — in case consumers forgot them in the main store.


“The Otsego Target liquor store offers a full assortment of wine, beer and spirits, including Target’s award-winning and affordable Wine Cube, well-known national brands and local favorites,” says Anne Christensen, from Target’s media relations department.

Due to Minnesota regulations, the store features a separate entrance than the main store, located in the main entryway.


Customers shopping were excited about the new store, but local competitors are holding their breath.

A second store is slated for the urban Minneapolis suburb St. Louis Park, but so far Target representatives say they have a lot to learn before continuing to expand.

Expansion “will be dependent on a number of factors, including what we learn from the Otsego store test, as well as the design of other Minnesota stores that allow for optimal remodeling,” Christensen says. “Right now we are focused on learning more about operating our liquor business in Minnesota.”


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