Sipping Blue Nectar

I spent some time yesterday with Nikhil Bahadur, co-founder of Blue Nectar Spirits company, which makes Blue Nectar Tequila. I had the opportunity to learn a little more about the history behind Blue Nectar, which Nikhil founded with his father in 2011 after they realized their shared love of tequila could become a business.

The company’s agave is grown in the Mexican lowlands in Amatitan, not far from Guadalajara and the tequilas are triple-distilled. The company’s portfolio includes a blanco (in a blue bottle), Reposado and a Special Reserve Reposado. Bahadur says Blue Nectar will also be releasing an Anejo in the future.

During our meeting I also tasted all three juices. I’m by no means a tequila expert, but the Special Reserve was my favorite of the three. It’s the company’s Reposado, infused with natural spice flavors that enhance the tastes added by barrel aging. It’s a very sweet spirit, and I could definitely taste the vanilla and nutmeg flavors. I’m not normally a tequila drinker and prefer Bourbon, but I could see myself sipping the Special Reserve instead of whiskey.


For now Blue Nectar is only available in Michigan, Colorado, Texas and a few other U.S. markets, but Bahadur has been expanding distribution and the tequila continues to win awards like Best in Show at the 2013 WSWA, increasing the brand’s visibility.

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