Heineken Doubles Down on Slim Can

Heineken Slim Can[8]Already the first premium brand to offer brews in 8.5oz cans, Heineken has upped its investment in the “slim” format.

Marketing support will increase in 2015 to drive traffic and sales at retail operations. This includes out-of-home advertising, a new slim can 24-pack and eye-catching, in-store point of sale initiatives. The marketing will emphasize the product’s consumer benefit of being “Cold to the last drop. Perfect for any occasion.”

“Sales of small can offerings (8.0-9.0oz.) grew more than 350% last year, delivering incremental volume and profit to retailers across all channels,” stated HEINEKEN USA Director of Commercial Marketing Jonathan Simpson in a press release. “The small can keeps the liquid colder longer and has strong appeal among Multicultural consumers looking to unwind after work or elevate their casual social gatherings. Our 8.5oz. slim can is the first premium small can format to cater to this growing and increasingly influential demographic who prefer upscale beer and Heineken to mainstream counterparts.”

Added Simpson, “The Heineken 8.5oz. slim can offers retailers numerous benefits. In addition to its strong multicultural appeal, over-indexing with Hispanic and African-America consumers, Heineken’s higher repeat purchase rate versus key competitors signifies greater consumer loyalty that retailers can leverage to drive traffic to their stores and profits to their bottom line.”

The 8.5oz. cans will be available nationwide in 12 and 24-pack cases.



  1. So Heineken is following Coca-Cola and Pepsi’s lead or they are following Heineken’s. Why pay less? This will use up more packaging per ounce of sold fluid. Do we really want to waste the world’s natural resources this way? I feel like we are getting gypped and cheated.


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