Tecate Teams up with Chivas for Bicultural Sponsorship Campaign


Tecate and Tecate Light have become the official beer sponsors of American activities for the Mexican soccer club Chivas del Guadalajara.

The announcement this weekend – part of Tecate’s “Taste of Triumph” campaign — continues the brand’s efforts to connect with bicultural Hispanic consumers.

“This consumer is someone who is very proud of their heritage, but also consumes everything in their home country as a regular American guy,” said Gustavo Guerra, Brand Director of Tecate and Tecate Light. “We have to address this with our sponsorship. The American bicultural consumer is very fluent in his cultural duality.”


The target audience is 84% Mexican. “These are second, third generation people, born in the United States, but very aware of their Mexican roots,” Guerra said. “For them, soccer is a tradition passed down from generation to generation. They learn to love Chivas from their parents and grandparents. Chivas is definitely something that connects with this unique culture.”

Tecate has already sponsored Chivas in Mexico for several years.


“Beer has a very strong relationship with sports,” Guerra said. “Fans like to participate with sports. They’re not just comfortable to watch on television. They want to interact with the players. They want to interact with the sport.”

“Our target consumer’s two favorite sports are boxing and soccer. We were looking for the best possible way to participate with soccer,” Guerra added. “We’re confident we found the best partner possible in Chivas, with a potential fan base of 5 million Americans. Chivas is a popular team that will unite fans in the United States.”

Fans in the U.S. have traditional ways of watching sports that tie into Tecate’s strategy.

“This consumer is someone who watches the soccer game with gatherings of people at someone’s home,” Guerra said. “Everything about these gatherings is planned ahead of time. Who is going to host? What are going to be the beer and food served? It’s all planned out. Americans watch sports with family and friends. And the experience typically extends two hours beyond the length of the game. That’s a great opportunity for us to gain consumer exposure.”

Language in this advertising campaign will be in both Spanish and English, about 20 and 80%, respectively. “We want to be seen as the brand that brings news of their beloved team in English as well, not just in Spanish,” Guerra said.

In America, Chivas will play matches against Major League Soccer teams, European teams and other Mexican teams. Chivas will also hold practices in Los Angelos.

“It’s an excellent way for them and us to gain exposure to a different set of fans,” Guerra said. “And you should expect more good news from us regarding the activities of Chivas.”


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