A Blog about Glogg

It’s been very cold in New England for weeks now, so last night seemed like the perfect time to open up a bottle of Glogg (a Scandavian mulled wine) I bought a few months ago. My wife and I heated it up on the stove for a few minutes and drank it warm in an Irish Coffee glass. This particular Glogg was from Boyden Valley Winery in Cambridge, VT (12% ABV, $18.99).

gloggphotobigAs I’ve said before, I’m not a wine expert, but the mix of spices was just right after a cold day and provided the kick that’s sorely missing from hot cocoa. It’s a great after dinner drink and would pair well with a variety of desserts, but could also be served with small appetizers. When I first tasted Glogg a couple years ago in Vermont it was served out of a crock pot, which the winery used to keep the wine at an ideal temperature all day.

Customers may not be lining up at your doors to buy specialty products like Glogg, but serving a warm wine at your next tasting event might be the memorable experience that makes your store stand out and keeps them coming back.

What non-traditional beer, wine and spirit products do you keep in stock and recommend to customers who want to branch out from mass-market categories?



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