Survey: Gift Packs and VAPs

The Beverage Information & Insights Group is collecting information about the effectiveness of holiday / gift packs / VAPs in retail for an upcoming report. Please answer the question below, and feel free to add a more detailed response in the comments section. For more information about BIIG, visit


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  1. I work in a small store – about $2 million a year in sales. Gift sets don’t help sales at all but they do build brand loyalty. What does drive sales is plastic (PET) 1/2 gal bottles. We’ve got Bacardi 750ml and 1.75 gathering dust while the 1.75 PET are flying out the door.

  2. Most of the time i have a hard time getting rid of gift sets after the holidays; people seem to want bare bottles, or minimal added bulk.

  3. I am an independent retailer in Southrn California. The fproblem with gift packs is… I am forced to buy too early, and what the big box stores don’t take I am offered too late. Chains get to cherry pick the best packages, or some offered eslusively to them (Costco etc.) . From a independent retailer (45years in the business)I I see it as a great way to entice customers to try new brand /items. Established favorites are expected to have gift packs.

  4. I believe gift sets do help increase sells in some cases. The gift set must make sense (ie. the proper gift with the proper spirit). The problem that we have seen in the past is that the spirit companies come out with the same gift set year after year. This is a waist of time and money.


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