Celebrating 80 Years of Beverage Dynamics

Later this year, Beverage Dynamics will celebrate its 80th anniversary. What began as Liquor Store & Dispensery magazine, then became Liquor Store magazine, has been called Beverage Dynamics since 1989. We have tons of special content and coverage planned for the anniversary, but I’d like to get some input from readers as well. Looking back at the beverage alcohol industry since 1935, what trends, news stories, people or brands do you think made the most impact? What stands out from the decades you were alive during? If you’ve been a liquor retailer for a long time, how has the industry changed during your career (for better or worse)? What anecdotes or personal experiences can you share about what retailing has meant to you?

Feel free to write in the comments section below, or send your stories and thoughts to me directly at jnedelka@specialtyim.com. You never know, we might choose your story to share with every Beverage Dynamics reader!


  1. Congratulations on your 80th anniversary.

    My story is one goal, manufacture products in the USA that solve the problem of standing, eating and drinking that allow a person to hold their food and drink with just one hand.

    Started with a plastic clip that attaches to a china plate and holds a stemware glass at the edge of the plate, have been selling them part time for 20 years mainly in the promotional industry and via associations in the beverage industry, you may have seen them at WSWA as they were used at networking reception for a few years. I have enjoyed over the years because of this product a private tour of the White House when Clinton was in office, lunch with Earnest Gallo and four executives in the small dining room next to his office, he even arranged for me to have a complete tour of the Medesto facility and having Julia Child as a friend because of this product. BTW, Julia told me that “she just loves these things”

    A little over a year ago, my business partner and principal of the company decided to pursue his passion that is writing computer code (believe it or not) and travel, he now works with a consulting company writing code for various businesses and does it around the world living about 3 months in different countries, he only needs a good internet connection. He left from Malaysia on Friday March 3rd 2015 and will be setting up in Amsterdam in the next few days.

    Calvin, my business partner decided to hand over the direction of the business to me and that is what I have been researching for the last year. Turning a product from promotional products to retail involves many facets from an enhanced website, packaging, marketing and the list goes on. I feel that it has been like a 1,000 piece puzzle where I have about 950 pieces put together and over the next few months will be finishing the puzzle and hope to have them in retail stores before the holiday season in 2015.

    I am also working on another product that is basically a cup holder with a flange to help hold it in your hand, then a plastic plate (all one piece) that will hold a 9 inch paper, plastic or foam plate. It can be used for tailgating, food trucks, backyard BBQ and more. Imagine a group of 1,000 people at a BBQ but seating for only 500. This product will let them hold their drink (can, cup, bottle) and food with one hand. Both products help with networking at events giving the person using them with a free hand to greet a person or hand out a business card.

    Proud to say that the products are made in the USA and realize that similar products are made around the world and some are a few pennies cheaper but one of my favorite things that I have heard is “The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

    I have more for a story on my background, family and my road to reaching my goal if you think it may work for your magazine.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. If you would like samples please let me know.


    Michael C. Iovine


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