Raven’s Lace PeachBerry Whiskey

Heaven Hill Brands has announced Raven’s Lace PeachBerry Whiskey, which infuses peach and strawberry flavors with the smoothness of Bourbon whiskey at an approachable 60 proof, according to the company.

Raven’s Lace is intended to appeal to the growing segment of female consumers, for whom traditional whiskey is not necessarily their drink of choice, but are interested in the sweet taste of flavored whiskeys.

The limited market launch will include retail and on-premise point-of-sale, including a unique travel trunk floor display, according to the company. In addition, Raven’s Lace will have a considerable digital media program that engages consumers with the “Whiskey Your Way” campaign, focused on young females.

Raven’s Lace PeachBerry Whiskey will be available in 750-ml bottles for $14.99. The initial launch markets in June include Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Tennessee.


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