Shock Top Hits the Road this Summer to Help Cities Forget About Winter

Shock Top is helping Boston and other cities recover from a historically snowy winter.

00018200179938_CL__LemonIn unveiling its summer seasonal beer, the Lemon Shandy, the brand recently kicked off its ‘72° & Shock Top’ campaign.

From now through May 7, fleets of ShockMobiles – branded Volkswagen Beetles outfitted in the brand’s iconic Wedgeheads – will travel the country – including St. Philadelphia, Syracuse and Washington D.C. – to sample the shandy and bring a taste of summer to areas that were hit hard by winter.


For example, the ShockMobiles recently ventured to Boston – which experienced a historic winter to forget — with a beach party equipped with hot tubs and special guest appearances, for a warm-weather party with more than 700 Bostonians.

“The ’72° and Shock Top’ campaign aims to bring a summertime vibe and some much-needed relief to cold-weather markets across the U.S,” said Jake Kirsch, VP of Shock Top. “Shandies are growing and quickly becoming staples of summer. Shock Top Lemon Shandy is a unique interpretation of a classic style – a refreshing and smooth Belgian wheat beer complemented by natural lemonade flavor.”



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