Shining a Light on Viniq

Talk about a beverage tailored towards social media.

Viniq Shimmery Liqueur holds true to its name and shimmers when moved. Give the bottle or glass a shake and gleaming white lines like gusts of air lift off and flow through the liquid.

The Viniq Breeze, at The Public House.

The effect is definitely cool looking. I received a sample bottle a few months back and showed it to my girlfriend, who was then eager to show it to her girlfriends. Of course, that’s the point. Viniq was made with Millennial women — and their cell phones — in mind.

Its shimmer (caused by the same ingredient that gives cake frosting its shine) is ideal for social media. Drinkers and mixologists have been posting videos and pictures of the product and the way it glistens and swirls within drinks.

Which is neat and all, but how does it taste?


At 22% ABV, Viniq is a low-proof vodka/Moscato mixture. Two varieties have hit the market thus far. The original is a peach/berry/citrus combo, while the newly released Ruby leans more heavily on berry flavors. Both are available nationwide: $12 for a 375-ml bottle, and $20 for the 750-ml. Drank neat, both are what’d you expect, and likely won’t inspire a legion of sippers.

In cocktails is where they’re meant to shine.

During a recent tasting at The Public House in NYC, I sampled two Viniq-inspired drinks. The first was the Ruby Drop (pictured at top). The recipe was 1½ parts Viniq Ruby, 1½ parts New Amsterdam, Citron Vodka, ¾ parts lemon juice, and ½ parts Triple sec, with a lemon wheel garnish. Very fruity up front, the drink finished with a pleasant alcohol kick.

Next up was the Viniq Breeze. This was a simpler concoction: 1 part Viniq Ruby, 2 parts coconut rum, and 2 parts pineapple juice. Light, fruity, and balanced, it was a refreshing cocktail for a hot summer day.

The shimmer didn’t appear as prominently in the Ruby drinks as in ones I’ve seen made with the original Viniq. I’m not sure the cause. But as a cocktail ingredient, Ruby held up just fine, and offers more than just a flashy effect fit for Instagram.


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