Brown Jug Bourbon Maple Cream Liqueur

A. Hardy USA, Ltd. has announced the introduction of its new Brown Jug Bourbon Maple Cream liqueur.

Dave Racicot, creator of Brown Jug Bourbon Maple Cream liqueur, sums up its invention: “On the last evening of summer vacation we would scramble to finish up what remained so we didn’t have to bring it home. The batch of stuff on the counter included bourbon, maple syrup, fresh cream, and some vanilla. After considering several possibilities for combining the ingredients, we decided to add some ice and poured everything into the blender. The Bourbon Maple Cream milkshake was born!”

Brown Jug is appropriately packaged in distinctive old-fashioned brown glass bottles. The average retail price for Brown Jug Bourbon Maple Cream liqueur is $21.99. it is 17% ABV.


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