Twisted Tea Bourbon Barrel

Twisted Tea Bourbon Barrel_24 oz can_3DThe Twisted Tea Brewing Company has announced Twisted Tea Bourbon Barrel, a new hard iced tea inspired by bourbon whiskey.

For now, this new style will be exclusively available in Maine, Tenn., Mass. and Montana.

Twisted Tea Bourbon Barrel (5.0% ABV) combines the taste of real iced tea with a splash of bourbon flavor.


The suggested retail price is $7.99-9.49 for a 6-pack, and $2.49-2.99 for a 24oz can.



  1. This stuff is one of the worst tasting alcoholic beverages I have ever tasted. It tastes like mixing half Twisted Tea and half rotgut whiskey with only 5% alcohol content. People drink rotgut whiskey because its 80 proof and dirt cheap not because it tastes good.

  2. I love the bourbon barrel but can’t buy it any where in MISSOURI. Is there somewhere I could go online and order some of it?


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