Digital Alcohol Delivery Service Thirstie Partners with VEEV Spirits


Thirstie — a national on-demand wine, beer and spirits delivery service — today announced a partnership with VEEV, a carbon neutral spirit.

Thirstie Android RecipeThis partnership will be the first of many in Thirstie’s Brand Partnership Program, the company said, as an initiative to continuously evolve the way consumers discover new spirit brands.

The Brand Partnership Program will be featured on The Craft, an editorial platform featured on Thirstie’s website that brings original content to users. The program will give Thirstie users the ability to discover new spirits, wine and beer through featured articles such as a cocktail recipe or a how-to video, the company said.

All the content will be linked to allow users to instantly purchase these products in available regions.

Thirstie will feature VEEV and VitaFrute Organic Cocktails by VEEV in margarita and coconut colada flavors available for users in the New York City, Los Angeles and Miami markets. Users will be able to purchase the 70 proof acaí-infused VEEV Spirit, or choose from two low-calorie, pre-mixed and ready-to-drink VitaFrute Organic Cocktails.

“By partnering with Thirstie, we’re reaching new consumers in our key markets,” said Carter Reum, of VEEV Spirits LLC. “We’re confident that we will see significant sales growth as a result of this partnership and create new, loyal fans of VEEV and VitaFrute.”

Partnering with more than 130 liquor retailers in major cities, Thirstie is a discovery, shopping, and delivery tool, available NYC, LA, SF, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Hoboken, New Haven and other cities across America.

For more information visit The Craft, or download the Thirstie mobile app on the iTunes and Google Play storefronts.


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