ACDC Rock or Bust Imported Lager

The rock band ACDC has joined forces with German brewer Karlsberg and Eurobrew Inc. to introduce a rock-inspired premium lager to the United States.

Their ‘Rock or Bust’ beer is a blond-tinted lager infused with earthy/citrusy hops. In the song ‘Rock or Bust’, ACDC lead vocalist Brian Johnson sings about the importance of rock and roll and its values in their lives: “In rock we trust, it’s rock or bust.”

‘Rock or Bust’ is 5% ABV and available in 16 oz cans. The suggested retail price is $2.49 per can. This new beer is imported exclusively from Karlsberg brewery by Eurobrew Inc. of Ashland, MA. Karlsberg brewery is one of the largest breweries in Germany.


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