No Excuse Not to Get Involved

A few weeks ago I was in Washington, DC, meeting with a number of beverage industry associations and organizations to learn more about the people who are fighting on behalf of all members of our three-tier system.

I spoke to groups representing retailers, on-premise licensees, distributors and suppliers about the biggest challenges facing the industry. What I learned is that each of those organizations wants what’s best for the industry in the long-term: sensible regulation and responsible consumption.

I also learned that the biggest threat facing the beverage alcohol industry is apathy among stakeholders. Generations of retailers, wholesalers and brand managers have spent decades creating and defending our industry. Many of the most active members will soon retire, and it’s up to the next generation to fill the void.


I encourage all readers to take an interest in the local, state and federal laws and regulations that impact your business, if you haven’t already. Join a trade group, learn more about the three-tier system and get involved.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some of the industry’s best national resources – register as a member, join their mailing list or just use them to keep up on the biggest issues facing beverage alcohol. There’s no excuse for apathy.



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