NB Gin, From Scotland

NB Gin from Scotland has partnered exclusively with Duggan’s Distillers to import the spirit into the U.S.

NB Distillery is located in North Berwick on the east coast of Scotland. Purely by chance, it was there that a senior Duggan’s colleague, while on holiday, happened to taste the gin and was so impressed by its quality and taste that he personally recommended that it was imported to the U.S, the company says.

Among other accolades, NB Gin won the ‘World’s Best London Dry Gin’ category at the World Drinks Awards 2015, and is described as ‘superb’ by Johnny Roxburgh, party planner for the UK Royal Family and master entertainer to the global elite, the company says.

The retail price will be between $49.99 and $55.99.


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