Drizly and Food & Wine Magazine Partner on ‘Content-and-Commerce’ Platform

Drizly logo

The digital world of alcohol continues to connect with the physical.

Digital delivery service Drizly has partnered with Food & Wine Magazine to “combine on-demand e-commerce and authoritative content in the world of beer, wine and spirits,” according to a press release.

Beginning today, Food & Wine will curate cocktail recipes, wine recommendations and pairings through its own Drizly Premium Brand Hub, a content-and-commerce platform for consumers.

Every ingredient and recommendation on the Food & Wine Brand Hub is shippable. This allows consumers to purchase items online for on-demand or future scheduled delivery.

The Food & Wine Brand Hub will be regularly refreshed by the magazine, the company says, to reflect timely features as well as industry trends.

“Drizly’s e-commerce solutions are not only powering unprecedented choice and convenience among drinkers, they also have strategic value to publishers and beverage alcohol brands,” said Michael DiLorenzo, senior vice president of marketing for Drizly.

In addition to its curated content on Drizly, Food & Wine will also create opportunities for its beer, wine and spirits advertising partners to participate in Drizly’s e-commerce capabilities.



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