CEO of Stoli’s New Luxury Wine Division Talks Strategy, Arinzano Estate

A Taste of Arinzano

During the Manhattan tasting, we sampled three bottles. The 2010 chardonnay was first.

The wine was a smooth journey from start to finish, and pleasantly aromatic. Louzada compared its combination of restrained freshness and minerality to a Bordeaux style.

The tasted wines included the 2010 chardonnay, 2008 La Casona and 2008 Gran Vino.

The chardonnay is lee-stirred, and barrel-aged for 6-9 months. It has a suggested retail price of $75.


Next was the 2008 La Casona, a blend of 75% tempranillo and 25% merlot. “The two best grape varieties on the property,” Louzada said. “The tempranillo is delicate, not as intense, but a bit spicy, with black courant flavors. And the merlot is more joyful, fresh.”

The grapes are not harvested too early, he added, to avoid overripe tannins. The suggested retail price is between $35 and $40.

Lastly, we sampled the 2008 Gran Vino, a 100% tempranillo with a suggested retail price of $100. Like the previous two bottles it was smooth throughout, with an inky appearance. “Here you have notes of cinnamon and black currant,” Louzada pointed out.

He does not believe these bottles should be discounted for their relative youth. “The younger wines may not have the complexity of aromatics, but they have a fresher fruit sensation,” Louzada said. “There’s the same variety of aromas, but on the fresher side.”

“I like to say that these wines have an aging potential, not an aging need.”


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