2 Chainz Talks About His Jägermeister Video, ‘Dirty Amber’ Cocktail

Entertainers are natural ambassadors for alcohol brands. Music and drinks go together at parties and celebrations. Among the latest performers to take this role is 2 Chainz. The Grammy-nominated rapper is a new spokesperson for Jägermeister.

Partnering with Fader Magazine, Jägermeister has developed a new marketing program, “Unlocking The Craft.” For this campaign, 2 Chainz traveled to Wolfenbüttel, Germany, where he toured the Jägermeister distillery. He then created his own cocktail, Dirty Amber (recipe below). The whole experience was filmed and released as a video.

We recently spoke with 2 Chainz about the experience.

BD: Do you see similarities in the productions of music and alcohol?

2C: I think both are all about art. You have to be creative. Both deal with the process, the feel, and certain acquired tastes. There’s a strong correlation between the distillation of alcohol and the making of music.


BD: What was your takeaway from touring the Jägermeister distillery?

2C: I have a lot more respect for how much goes into something you can just buy in the store for a couple of dollars. Their recipe has 56 ingredients. I got really inquisitive about them. It’s important to know what goes into your body.

Nowadays, everything is grass-fed, all-natural. All kinds of things in food and drink claim to be naturally made. Once you do your research into what goes into them, you don’t want to be disappointed. Jägermeister’s 56 ingredients come from the earth, from all over the world.

I asked them what would happen if there was a drought, or something else that kept them from getting one of the 56 ingredients. But it wasn’t like I caught them by surprise. They told me how they had backups for everything. That’s just being on your game.

I was also impressed with how clean the distillery was. (Laughing.) I asked them if they did that just because I was here. ‘No,’ they said, ‘it’s always this clean’. I couldn’t believe it. It was clean enough that you could eat off the floor. Your vision of a factory or distillery is always with some dirt or grime.



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