Schilling Bailout Lemongrass Agave Cider

As part of its summer season roll out, Schilling Cider turned to SupHerb Farms Lemongrass to provide the citrus note in its new Bailout Lemongrass Agave offering.

SupHerb Farms begins the process of creating Fresh Frozen Lemongrass Purée with freshly harvested lemongrass, the company says. Using proprietary techniques, the lemongrass is prepped, then puréed and frozen. It is one of SupHerb’s line of gluten-free products.

“We wanted to launch a lemongrass hard cider this year, and the SupHerb Farms Lemongrass Purée had the best flavor of all the samples we tried,” said Schilling Cider CEO Collin Schilling.

SupHerb Farms currently offers its ultra-convenient Fresh Frozen Lemongrass Purée in two 2-pound tubs, 33# pails, and custom packs. In addition to Lemongrass, the SupHerb Farms line of Fresh Frozen Purées also includes: Garlic, Roasted Garlic, Ginger, Shallot, and Aji Pepper.

For more information about SupHerb Farms IQF Culinary Herbs; Specialty Vegetables; and Fusions Blends, Pastes, and Purées visit For samples of SupHerb Farms products call 800-787-4372.


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