Red Stripe Production Returns To Jamaica

Red Stripe has returned to its roots.

Heineken USA has brought the brand back from North America to its home country of Jamaica, after acquiring a controlling stake in Red Stripe in Oct., 2015.

“We believe fans of this Jamaican staple will be as enthusiastic as we are to see the first run of Red Stripe back home in Jamaica since production was moved in 2012,” says Andrew Anguin, Brand Manager, Red Stripe, in a press release.

The first shipment of Red Stripe will head for the U.S. on Sept. 1, with cases expected to hit retail shelves in November 2016.

The move is part of a larger plan to shift Red Stripe to a global brand within the Heineken portfolio, the company says.


Red Stripe is a full-bodied lager.

“At Heineken USA, we believe today’s shoppers put a high value on transparency and authenticity and choose beer brands that reflect that through and through,” says Anguin. “Now, with production returned to Jamaica, Red Stripe can boast these same credentials.”


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