Constellation Brands Unifies Mexican Beers Under New Brand House

Constellation Brands has announced Casa Modelo, a new master brand house and portfolio-approach for the Modelo family of brands.

Casa Modelo will bring its entire portfolio — including Especial, Negra and Chelada — under one roof with a new fall advertising campaign, unified packaging and new point-of-sale at retail inspired by Modelo’s “heritage and tradition,” the company says in a press release.

Negra Modelo will be renamed Modelo Negra and showcase a fully redesigned package to maintain consistency among the Modelo brands.


Especial and Cheleda will see smaller packaging changes so consumers can better identify Modelo products marked with the Modelo wordmark, gold foil and original brewery seal with Modelo’s iconic gold lions.

All ingredients and brewing processing will remain the same, with no changes to the recipe.


Moreover, Casa Modelo allows for “more effective cross-promotion and awareness-building” for each Modelo brand, the company says, setting the stage for “enhanced product innovation” and product line extensions.

“The new strategy leverages the momentum of Modelo Especial, the fastest-growing beer in America . . . to build brand equity across all Modelo brands,” the company says in a press release. “Negra is the #1 imported dark beer in the country, while Modelo Chelada owns 20 percent share of the Chelada market with only one package type – a 24 oz. can.”

The new Casa Modelo packaging will begin hitting the shelves this month.


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