Johnnie Walker Launches New Line Of Experimental Blended Whisky

Johnnie Walker Blenders' Batch Red Rye Finish was given an enthusiastic thumbs up by some of New York's most influential mixologists when it replaced traditional American rye whiskey in a classic Manhattan cocktail as can be seen in a new film from the Scotch whisky maker: Blenders' Batch - Emma's Red Rye In New York. (PRNewsFoto/Johnnie Walker)

The global scotch brand Johnnie Walker has introduced a new line of experimental blended whisky called Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch.

The line launches this month with its first entry: Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch Red Rye Finish.

Although Red Rye Finish can be enjoyed neat, the company says that it was specifically crafted as a cocktail spirit. With a rye flavor, it plays into the resurgence of classic cocktails, many of which call for rye whiskey.

“This blend combines all the characteristics of Scotch, matured in first fill American Oak casks with a Rye Cask finish,” explains Johnnie Walker blender Emma Walker.

Red Rye Finish was created by the whisky maker’s small team of expert blenders, led by master blender Jim Beveridge, the company says. It took more than 50 experiments exploring 203 malt and grain whisky samples to find the final composition of Red Rye Finish, and was created using a blend of just four whiskies, including Cardhu single malt for its fruitiness, along with creamy vanilla grain whisky from Port Dundas.


“At any one time, there are hundreds of experiments into flavour being carried out by the Johnnie Walker blenders which include the study of distillation conditions, the types of wood and grain used, cask finishes and other elements of whisky-making in the pursuit of exceptional new flavors,” the company says in a press release.

Red Rye Finish retails for a suggested price of about $22 per 750-ml. bottle.


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