SevenFifty Expands Digital Platform To Include Online Ordering From Wholesalers

The digital aspect of the alcohol industry continues to evolve as new products aim to modernize the business.

SevenFifty, an online platform for the wholesale alcohol industry, today introduced Online Ordering: an ordering platform that enables buyers to create, track and manage orders to multiple distributors.

The platform is an order management system that “introduces a new level of transparency, efficiency, and organization to the ordering process by leveraging the current email workflow between buyers and distributors,” the company says in a press release.


Built on top of SevenFifty’s current search platform and database of over 500,000 available products, the new platform enables buyers to more quickly create orders, the company says, and send detailed instructions and product information to their rep.

Messages to reps automatically include product information like item numbers, full producer/product name, size format, vintage, and more. Additionally, order history with each distributor is stored on SevenFifty, so buyers can re-order previously purchased products.


The platform is available today to all buyers and distributors on SevenFifty.


The previous version of SevenFifty allowed users to quickly search for hard-to-find products. This function remains in addition to the new platform.

Distributors do not have to be logged on to SevenFifty to receive incoming orders, and can reply to buyer emails as they otherwise would through their existing email client. The ordering platform also integrates SevenFifty data, the company says, so that distributors can suggest replacements for items that might temporarily be out of stock, suggest additional products to consider, schedule a follow-up tasting appointment, or otherwise suggest modifications to the order.

“SevenFifty’s vision is to revolutionize and modernize the way the wholesale alcohol industry operates, and we couldn’t be more excited to debut our ordering platform to help streamline the workflow between buyer and distributor,” says SevenFifty CEO Aaron Sherman. “The process of wholesale buying and selling alcohol in the U.S. is one of the last frontiers of commerce that has yet to be modernized by technology. Online Ordering is another major step forward in empowering the trade to focus more on relationships, and less on the busy work and analog processes that bog down the industry.”


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