Captain Morgan Jack-O’Blast

Captain Morgan has announced a fall seasonal version of their Cannon Blast pre-made shot: Captain Morgan Jack-O’Blast.

This new product combines Captain Morgan rum with pumpkin, cinnamon and other autumnal spices for a flavored shot.

Captain Morgan Jack-O’Blast comes in a cannon-ball shaped bottle colored orange and green for a seasonal feel. The bottle also simulates the look of a carved pumpkin when illuminated under a black light, the company says.


This pumpkin-spiced rum (60 proof, 30% ABV) has a suggested retail price of $15.99 for a 750 ml bottle and is currently available nationwide for a limited time.

Captain Morgan Jack-O’Blast can be enjoyed chilled as a fall-inspired shot, served as a drop shot or as an ingredient in a number of seasonal drinks, the company says.




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