Drizly Launches Online Marketplace For Local Alcohol Purchases

Drizly Logo

The alcohol technology company Drizly today introduced a new online marketplace for the digital purchase of alcohol.

Using this service, consumers can simultaneously browse inventories of multiple local retailers and compare prices. Depending on their location, consumers have a range of fulfillment options available to them, including delivery, in-store pick-up and shipping.

Drizly’s previous services included an app and web platform that allowed customers to place orders with local alcohol retailers, to be delivered to the customer’s doorstop.

“Through this ‘endless aisle’ shopping experience, consumers have access to the largest possible product selection, can find the lowest prices and may choose to receive their order when and where it is most convenient for them,” the company says.

For retailers, the marketplace is a potential source of new customers. Drizly also designed the marketplace to offer retailers “modern inventory management tools and improved local market insights.”


Drizly is rolling out its marketplace features in conjunction with its launch in San Francisco. Beginning today, more than 1.5 million residents across San Francisco, East Bay and Stockton will have access to Drizly and be able to shop thousands of options across beer, wine and spirits.

The announcement of the new marketplace was made at an event introducing Drizly to the San Francisco market.

“The launch of Drizly’s marketplace is the latest example of the company’s work to modernize the alcohol industry and enhance the shopping experience,” the company says. “The move further distances Drizly from other on-demand companies that have based their models strictly on delivery.”


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