Denver Becomes First U.S City To Permit Pot In Bars And Restaurants

The emerging legal cannabis industry continues to grow into the world of alcohol.

In a month that has already seen four more states approve recreational marijuana, and a major drinks company discussing the imminent possibility of cannabis alcohol, now the city of Denver has taken another significant step forward with lawful pot.

City residents approved a measure that allows people to use marijuana in its bars and restaurants. This law is the first of its kind in America, according to an AP news article.


Explained the article: “The city measure allows bars and restaurants to apply to allow marijuana use. Patrons could use pot inside as long as it isn’t smoked, with the possibility of outside smoking areas.

Colorado law does not currently allow nor ban public marijuana use. The result is a hodgepodge of local ordinances related to marijuana clubs.”


The article adds that patrons consuming pot must bring their own.

This is yet another sign that people may come to associate cannabis with alcohol, and expect to consume one or the other — or both — in similar situations.


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