Novo Fogo Single-Barrel Cachaças

The Brazilian cachaça brand Novo Fogo has released five new single-barrel expressions. These barrels hold only 53 gallons and, since angel’s share also exists south of the equator, these reserves are limited in supply.

The five expressions carry age statements ranging from 1-5 years. For bars wanting to get their hands on an entire barrel, Novo Fogo offers the buyer custom-engraved corks that display the business logo of the bar/restaurant that purchased the contents of the barrel. The Novo Fogo Single-Barrel expressions all have a suggested retail price of $49.99 per 750-ml. bottle. They are:

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-10-59-13-am1. Barrel 85. Starting herbal on the nose with sage and wet rainforest leaves, this spirit morphs on the palate to fresh apples and then baked apples, the company says. The finish is paprika and chocolate.

2. Barrel 216. Fresh green notes with baked fruit and spices. The nose includes green olives, vanilla, butterscotch and sarsaparilla, the company says, while the palate continues with figs and softens into a peach creamsicle. The finish includes nutmeg and dried cherries leading to a banana leaf note.

3. Barrel 33. After resting for three years in oak, barrel 33 is a bold expression, the company says. On the are sweet and savory scents like clove, Allspice or pear. Flavors include baked apple, dried apricot and tobacco leaf.

4. Barrel 86. Butterscotch tones with hints of honeydew melon and coffee cake.

5. Barrel 152. Aged for 3 years, this juice has pine, raw wood and buttercream notes, followed by toasted coconut and black walnut flavors.


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