Torresella Prosecco New Packaging

While this product has been in the U.S. for many years, Torresella Prosecco recently received a new label and look to match the Torresella Pinot Grigio packaging and branding.

In the past year the Torresella brand has launched a new website, social media channels, branding and look for its wines. The label design is a nod to the winery’s sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices (the grape vine and bird images), the company reports.

Torresella Prosecco is Prosecco DOC from the Veneto region in Italy. The suggested retail price is $16 per 750-ml. bottle. The new-look bottle will be widely available in the US market come February 2017 via our nationwide distributor network.


The packaging is also designed to be lightweight (glass, cardboard cases) to reduce its carbon footprint.



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